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Kabristan Publications

Kabristan Archives is a small publisher specialising in books related to Irish and Indian graveyards and cemeteries. Kabristan books can be ordered direct from Genealogy Bookshop.

Visit our Kabristan Bookshop to place your order.

Genealogy Resources

We adding to our online genealogical resources all the time. Our Genealogical Dictionary, list of Genealogical Bibliographies, Parish Registers and Genealogy websites are now live.

Genealogy Resources

More than simply Genealogy Books...more than just an online bookshop

Genealogy Bookshop†intends to become one of the foremost genealogy sites on the web, by offering access to a†well organised, carefully researched and comprehensive†range of Genealogy and Family History Resources, alongside our extensive range of genealogy books.

We are currently compiling our Beginners Guide to Genealogy and Family History and developing a comprehensive Online Genealogy Dictionary, a list of Genealogical Bibliographies and a Guide to Parish Registers.

We also have some ground-breaking ideas up our sleeves, so please do visit us again soon.

Genealogy Glossary: H

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a person who inherits, or is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit, the estate of another; a person who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office.

heir apparent:

a person whose right of inheritance is established by law, provided he or she outlives the ancestor. See also primogeniture.

holographic will:

a will that is written entirely handwritten by the person whose signature it bears. Also known as an olographic will.

Genealogy Glossary: I

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used to describe a person who dies without leaving a valid will, or the estate of such a person. From the Latin testis, for "witness".

Genealogy Glossary: J

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Jno. :

 (abbreviation) John or Johannes.


a woodworker who makes items of finished woodwork without nails, usually using glue and/or dowels. Similar to a carpenter or cabinet maker of today.

jud. :

 (abbreviation) judicial.


juvenile, minor (latin)

Genealogy Glossary: K

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kin, kindred :

a group of people related by blood or marriage.

knave :

servant boy.

knt. :

(abbreviation) knight.

Genealogy Glossary: L

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Genealogy Dictionary Index Page

land records:

deeds which prove ownership of a piece of land. Will provide at least name of owner, location of the property, and the period of ownership.

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