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Kabristan Publications

Kabristan Archives is a small publisher specialising in books related to Irish and Indian graveyards and cemeteries. Kabristan books can be ordered direct from Genealogy Bookshop.

Visit our Kabristan Bookshop to place your order.

Genealogy Resources

We adding to our online genealogical resources all the time. Our Genealogical Dictionary, list of Genealogical Bibliographies, Parish Registers and Genealogy websites are now live.

Genealogy Glossary: Q

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Genealogy Dictionary Index Page

q.v. :

(abbreviation) quod vide. (latin)

quitclaim deed:

a deed which transfers the grantor's right or interest in land or real property, but without the guarantee or warranty of a clear title in the grantor.

quod vide:

directs the reader to another part of the book, for more information; quod (which) + vide (see). (latin)

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