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Kabristan Publications

Kabristan Archives is a small publisher specialising in books related to Irish and Indian graveyards and cemeteries. Kabristan books can be ordered direct from Genealogy Bookshop.

Visit our Kabristan Bookshop to place your order.

Genealogy Resources

We adding to our online genealogical resources all the time. Our Genealogical Dictionary, list of Genealogical Bibliographies, Parish Registers and Genealogy websites are now live.


Information about the use of censuses as a genealogical resource

British Census Dates

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The census should have recorded people present at each dwelling at midnight at the end of the stated day. In later years the rules were extended to include those who returned to the dwelling the following morning, having not been counted elsewhere, such as "those travelling or out at work that night". This was included in the enumerators instructions for the 1871 census.


British Census Records

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Civil servant at trailer park, census 1925Census records, along with civil registrations, are one of the main sources of information for family historians and often a good place to start your family history research. They also give an insight into the lives of our ancestors as you trace their movements and changes in occupation over time.


British Censuses Online

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Census records from 1841 to 1911 are available onlineCensus records for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911, held at The National Archives at Kew, are available online through our partners. While it is free to search their websites there may be a charge to view full transcriptions and download documents.


Censuses 1801-1831

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The first moden English census (1801) The first modern English census was taken on 10 March 1801. Subsequent censuses were taken on 27 May 1811, 28 May 1821 and 29 May 1831. Censuses started in Ireland in 1821 and in Scotland in 1841.


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