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Kabristan Publications

Kabristan Archives is a small publisher specialising in books related to Irish and Indian graveyards and cemeteries. Kabristan books can be ordered direct from Genealogy Bookshop.

Visit our Kabristan Bookshop to place your order.

Genealogy Resources

We adding to our online genealogical resources all the time. Our Genealogical Dictionary, list of Genealogical Bibliographies, Parish Registers and Genealogy websites are now live.

Website Roadmap

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Website Roadmap
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The Genealogy Bookshop website is a living breathing project, and as such it is continually evolving, developing and, we hope, improving.

This website roadmap highlights the planned changes and improvements we intend to make so that Genealogy Bookshop will become the primary online resource for new and secondhand Genealogy Books. It also acts as an aide memoire for the developers.

If you have an ideas or suggestions for how we can make it the best site for genealogy books online, then drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Next on the list

  • Create a Bestsellers page, featuring the top 20 genealogy books from Amazon 2 April 2010
  • Amazon Joomla/AWS Integration, allowing us to easily sell new genealogy books from Amazon
  • Create additional menu items for Main Menu
  • Research the Beginner's Guide to Genealogy
  • Remove standard search box 2 April 2010
  • Add new book-specific search functionality
  • Add newsletter subscription 17 April 2010
  • Embed Twitter feed 3 April 2010
  • Facebook integration
  • Add transparency to favicon 14 April 2010
  • Add Kabristan Publications to the Online Shop
  • Complete the Online Genealogy Dictionary
  • Add a Glossary of Bookselling Terms 18 April 2010
  • List of Local Family History Societies, with links to publications


  • Add Google Analytics 2 April 2010
  • Choose and add a new WYSIWYG text editor 15 April 2010
  • Choose an SEO/SEF package 8th April 2010
  • Install VMSEF and Title Manager 10 May 2010
  • Add an additional text only editor 3 April 2010

Genealogy Bookshop Newsflash

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