Genealogical Bibliographies and Indexes

Compiled genealogies and other sources of previous research provide an excellent starting point for you family history search.

Many countries have bibliographies of published family histories with alphabetical indexes of the major surnames. Recommended examples include:

General Genealogical Bibliography

Marshall, George W., ed. The Genealogist’s Guide. Reprint of 1903 ed. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980. Read free online at

Whitmore, John B. A Genealogist’s Guide: An Index to British Pedigrees in Continuation of Marshall’s Genealogist’s Guide (1903). London: Walford Bro., 1953.

Country-specific Genealogical Bibliography

French Genealogical Bibliography

Étienne Arnaud. Répertoire de généalogies françaises imprimées . 3 vols. Paris: Berger Levrault, 1978-1982.

Dutch Genealogical Bibliography

Van Beresteyn, E.A. Genealogisch Repertorium. Den Haag, Netherlands: Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, 1972.

German Genealogical Compendia

C.A. Starke, Deutsches Geschlechterbuch. Limburg an der Lahn, 1889.
German lineage book: An outstanding series for Germany comprising over 197 volumes of collected genealogies (lineages) of thousands of families, often mentioning emigrants.

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